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Bar Diamond Ranch
PO Box 688
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
Tel: (970) 527-3010
Fax: (970) 527-3416

Meet Your Hosts

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We're Dellis and Linda Ferrier. Our family has been exploring and enjoying the West Elk Wilderness on horseback for more than 100 years. We have been hunting, fishing and camping in the West Elks all of our lives. Raised in the business, guiding and outfitting is not just a part-time occupation, it's our only business... and our way of life.
My grandfather, Clint Ferrier first rode and camped here in 1901 as a cowboy for the Sanderson brothers. My father, Grant Ferrier, first rode and camped in this same area in 1917 with cattle and sheep for ranchers, and had hunted, fished, packed, guided and outfitted in the area ever since that time. My mother, Mamie Ferrier, spent 34 years cooking, packing and helping guide hunters.
Linda's grandparents, L.E. and Kathleen Wheeler, and her parents, Bill and Libby Nation, started packing and guiding in the West Elks in 1940. Linda was three years old on her first trip into the West Elks and has spent time here every summer and fall since, cooking guiding and packing.
I first rode and camped in the West Elks in 1945 and have spent time riding for cattle, hunting, fishing, guiding and camping some of every year since that time. Now our own children (who are grown) and our grandchildren also help out with all phases of the business. For several generations the West Elk Wilderness has been a part of our lives. We hope you'll join us to experience majestic scenery, abundant wildlife, streams of ice cold fresh water, and the kind of contentment that can only be found from the back of a horse.
Bar Diamond Ranch :: PO Box 688, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 :: (970) 527-3010