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Bar Diamond Ranch
PO Box 688
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
Tel: (970) 527-3010
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Semi-Guided Hunts

We are offering semi-guided pack-in hunts for all the seasons, except the 4th Rifle Season in November. We will be packing into and hunting the Cliff Creek, Soap Creek Basin and Elk Basin areas located in the West Elk Wilderness. We hunt game management units 53 and 54. We will be packing in on the day before each hunt starts.

For all hunts, you'll need to bring a variety of warm clothing, warm waterproof footwear plus a change of footwear, gloves, a good two-piece rainsuit, knife, hatchet, small nylon rope, gun and ammo, or bow and arrows, good warm sleeping bag, foam pad or air mattress, binoculars, camera, towels, washcloths, chapstick, sun screen, and of course, proper license or licenses. Game bags and black pepper are good to have for archery and muzzleloader seasons. We do not pack duffel bags longer than 30" or more than 48" in circumference, or excess liquor.

Most hunting is done from our base camps which are approximately 3 to 4 hours horseback ride from our pack station at the end of the road on Robinson Creek. These base camps will be set up when you arrive and will consist of a large tent equipped for kitchen and dining, where you'll find plenty of good food prepared by our camp cooks. Sack lunches will be provided for noon while out hunting. There's always plenty of hot water for scrubbing off that mountain soil. Wall tents are set up for sleeping quarters and furnished with a wood stove, ground cover and lantern. Pit-type toilets are also provided.

On occasion during the archery and muzzleloader seasons, we make use of spike camps, which give us the capability to camp close to game hot spots. Dome tents and lighter, simpler camp equipment is used for camps of this type. During archery and muzzleloader seasons we make use of tree stands, under the right conditions.

In case of circumstances beyond our control (such as fire or bad weather) which would make it impossible or undesirable to hunt from the base camps as planned, we would make use of our camp at the pack station on Robinson Creek as an alternate place from which to hunt.

If you plan to drive to our cabin/pack station, a 4-wheel drive vehicle is a good idea. If you plan to fly, several rental companies have vehicles to rent at the Montrose or Grand Junction airports.

We at Bar Diamond Ranch believe that our knowledge of the area in which we outfit, and guide, along with good camps, riding and pack equipment, mountain trained saddle horses and pack mules all go together to offer you an opportunity for an enjoyable and successful hunt!

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